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V.A.E / Dubai 2005

Dubai Algemeen

Radio TV

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Startkabel Dubai
Burj Al Arab
Jumeirah Beach Hotel
World Trade Centre Dubai 2005
World Trade Centre Dubai

EDTV 1989

Verenigde Arabische Emiraten

: World Trade Centre: Kanaal E2 voor 1986/87 met

50kW vanaf Dubai Trade Centre omni directional.

I can confirm that up until 1986/7 CH2 was transmitted from Dubai World Trade Centre. From then on it has been transmitted from a station that we call Al Hassah which is located adjacent to the main road towards Abu Dhabi approx 60 km from Dubai.

As there are strict ITU controls on the levels of radiated power I am sure you will appreciate why I am unable to confirm any eirp's. I can tell you that in both the original and present locations transmitter powers of 40Kw are used.

Telecommunications Manager Dubai Television / 22-08-2005

EDTV 1989          Old Testcard
Report uit 1989

F2 DX - 1989 Kanaal E2 F2 DX - 1989 F2 DX - 1989


Al Hassah 2005
Al Hassah 2005

Dubai Sport TV

tv -  Sync.Balk

Al Hassah

Na 1987 Kanaal E2 ca. 400kW ERP van Al Hassah directional.

Al Hassah which is located adjacent to the main road towards Abu Dhabi approx 60 km from Dubai. Transmitter powers of 40Kw are used

Telecommunications Manager Dubai Television / 22-08-2005



Umm Suqeim
Umm Suqeim 2005

Dubai: Umm Suqeim: Televisie Kanaal E33
Al Wasl Road Dubai

Dubai ch33  TV ONE    Dubai ch33  TV ONE
Dubai Kanaal E33
Website: One TV




Emirates Towers
Emirates Towers 


Dubai: Emirates Towers  FM lokatie

FM MhzFM Mhz

Dubai FM
Website: Emirates towers Hotel
Website: Sartel Worldwide list of achievement in consulting services and works in TV Broadcast Systems, computers and communication satellite systems in past years.




Etisalat logo Dubai: Satelliet uplink station Etisalat (FM)     


Dubai SAT/FM
Website: Etisalat uplink station voor Satelliet tv




Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi 2005
Abu Dhabi: Onbekende mast vlakbij het Hilton Hotel.
aan de Khubairah street.

Geen enkel
signaal in VHF/UHF(FM). vervallen gebouw en
onbewaakt zie foto's voor meer details.
Abu Dhabi Kanaal VHF/UHF/FM....
Website: Abu Dhabi TV