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ServiŽ | Kopaonik | Sunny Heights | Mount Goblija

17 Juli 2009 | Dag: Vrijdag | Weer: 30 graden toen we weg gingen en 20 graden toen we aankwamen. Aantal km: 145 km van Nis naar Kopaonik.


Sunny Heights Hotel App.   Sunny Heights Hotel App.

Sunny Heights Hotel App.

Mount Goblija

Goblija is a beautiful mountain located in the southern portion of Serbia, 40 kilometers west of Ivanjica. The area was placed under state protection in 2001 (Category I - Exceptional Importance), taking the name Goblija Nature Park.

The practically untouched nature of
Goblija , a biosphere reserve, is under the protection of UNESCO for a good reason. Three climatic zones - valley with hills, transitional, and a mountain zone - offer a true blessing for an active holiday.

The highest peak on Goblija Mountain is called Jankov Kamen, and gives commanding views of the areas forests, pastures and meadows, as well as of the mountain silhouettes of Kopaonik, Komova and Prokletija in the distance. Trails through the forests and meadows are perfect for summer picnics, and excursions to the nearby monasteries in the Valley of the Kings, or to the famous bazaar in the historic town of Novi Pazar are highly recommended.

About Gobelja

Kopaonik, onderweg naar Sunny Heights Hotel App.

Kopaonik, onderweg naar Sunny Heights Hotel App.


Onderweg naar Kopaonik   Onderweg naar Kopaonik

Onderweg naar Kopaonik


Foto stop!
  Mooi plantje..

Kopaonik gebergte
  Mount Gobelja met daarop de zendmast
Even uitstappen..
  Mount Golija met daarop de zendmast
Mount Golija
  Mount Golija, Radio TV / RTS

Uitzicht vanuit onze hotelkamer op de berg Golija, met daar op de RTV antennes.


Even een filmpje doen
  Stenen Beer, symbool voor Kopaonik

Kopaonik-Pančićev vrh   Kopaonik-Pančićev vrh

Binnenplaats met fontein

Tijd voor een Lav Pivo, Proost


Koeien hebben ze dus hier ook...

Binnenplaats van hotel complex   Kopaonik-Pančićev vrh - Ski lift

Uitzicht op binnenplaats van het hotel complex


Onder aan de berg Golija.. 1900 m.
  Halver wegen de berg Golija.. 1900 m.

Even uitrusten
  Het beklimen van de berg Golija.. 1900 m.

We hebben de berg
Golija beklomen... 1900 m.


Golija | Sprikhaan   Uit zicht op 1900 m.

Uitzicht naar - Pančićev Vrh 2017 m

Mount Golija, ons eind bestemming op 1900 m.

Kopaonik, werktuig!

Onder aan de berg Golija

Berg Golija


Onder aan de voet van Pančićev vrh

Fast food kan ook best wel lekker zijn..

Busje komt zo.....


The largest mountain range in Serbia, stretching over 80 kilometers at its base and up over 2000 meters at its peak, is home to the country's top winter resort. Since it establishment as a skiing center in the 1930s, Kopaonik has used its location amidst beautiful glades and pristine forests to attract a hip skiing crowd to its fine mountain lodges.

With its 200 sunny days a year, Kopaonik was dubbed the "Sunny Mountain." The highest peak is Pancicev Vrh (2017m). Because of its stunning natural beauty, Kopaonik was declared a national park in 1981."

In summer the beautiful natural surroundings attracts hikers, mountaineers, bikers, river  rafters and the relaxed tourist seeking respite. Accommodation has been developed to excellent standards for enjoyment in all seasons.

To the east the slopes of Kopaonik blend into the Zupa Valley, known as the Ďmother' of Serbian vineyards. The western side of the mountain is bordered by the Ibar river and canyon, home to many of the region's most noted Medieval Orthodox monasteries in an area called ĎThe Valley of the Kings'.

Whether taking part in winter sports or simply enjoying nature, Kopaonik gives a rush of senses to all who visit

Central point: 43į23'32"N 20į22'35"E | Area: 70344 ha | Length: 143.509 km

Golija is a mountain range in the south-eastern part of Serbia. It belongs to the Dinarides Mountain System. The regionís boundaries are at the base of the masiff. It is built of Paleozoic schist and igneous rocks. The region has a continental mountain climate. The most impressive characteristic of this great mountain intersected by numerous rivers is vast forests of Balkan maple (Acer heldreichii) In the valley of the river Studenica, there is Studenica monastery, dating from the XIII century, and it is under UNESCO protection.

The dominant habitat types are mature mixed broadleaved and coniferous woodland, seasonally wet, and wet marshy grasslands. The natural potential vegetation is Fagetum montanum, Abieti-Fagetum, Piceetum excelsae montanum. On Golija mountain, the presence of 31 plant associations has been determined. Up to now, about 1100 plant species have been found in this region.

The butterfly fauna of this region has for the first time been investigated during the project, and a short visit late summer produced a list of 59 species. This region is therefore among the least studied and has a highly insufficient level of fauna knowledge. The vertical distribution of vegetation belts and numerous habitats are the basis of this mountainís abundance of fauna. This PBA hosts a nationally important population of Boloria titania.